Grant Writer Meetup

Today, I’m excited to take you on a journey through a recent engagement with the Grant Writer Meet Up Group in Akron, Ohio. Although you might not have been in attendance, I’ll share the highlights and insights from this event.

An Invitation to Akron, Ohio

My day began in the welcoming city of Akron, where we had the honor of addressing a dynamic group of over 45 attendees at the House 330. This innovative, multi-use facility is a proud initiative of the LeBron James Family Foundation and is known as House Three Thirty. It stands as an innovative hub, filled with resources for and by I PROMISE families, with the belief that it can change the entire trajectory of the community. It truly was an amazing faciility and I plan to go back often for meetings or when I just need out of the house . Additionally, I can see 6Mixx hosting events there in the near future.

Meet 6Mixx: Nurturing Small Businesses and Nonprofits

For those unfamiliar with us, let me introduce you. We are 6Mixx, an organization with a simple yet powerful mission: to empower both small businesses and nonprofits in reaching their goals. Our range of services includes strategic planning, marketing and event management, fundraising support, and much more.

The Genesis of Our Journey

Our story, much like many in the nonprofit sector, began with a deep passion for making a positive impact. Having spent significant time in various nonprofit and startup environments, my co-founder and I witnessed a recurring theme – the constant juggling of roles, managing diverse responsibilities, all while grappling with limited resources and often a lack of a clear strategic direction.

In these moments of shared struggle,  we also couldn’t always afford the high-end consultants or marketing agency support we so desperately needed.

From Insight to Action: The Birth of 6Mixx

As our careers evolved, we transitioned into roles where we could help organizations build the essential foundations for growth. It was during this transformative journey that we recognized our potential to make a broader impact. We saw an opportunity to educate and assist organizations in becoming more efficient, scaling effectively, and achieving more with fewer resources. This vision led to the creation of 6Mixx.

Today, we stand proudly with a dedicated team of experts and a network of specialized consultants. Together, we collaborate on projects that empower organizations and communities.

Six Key Areas for Empowering Nonprofits

In my presentation at the Grant Writer Meet Up Group, I shared our six key areas that are instrumental in nonprofit success and some recommendations to spark ideas.

1. Marketing & Events: Crafting a Strategic Blueprint

Key Insight: A well-defined strategy is the cornerstone of success in marketing and event management.

Marketing and events play a pivotal role in spreading the message and mission of your nonprofit. It’s imperative to have a strategic blueprint in place. Flexibility is valuable, but marketing without a plan is akin to wandering without direction. Take a step back, evaluate your approach, and create a comprehensive strategy that defines your audience, objectives, and tactics.

2. Fundraising: Embracing Mobile Accessibility and Donor Empowerment

Key Insight: Mobile-friendly giving forms and thoughtful donation requests empower donors to make meaningful contributions.

Online giving has become the norm, and ensuring mobile accessibility is paramount. Additionally, consider the impact of your donation requests. Donors appreciate transparency and opportunities to make significant contributions. Avoid asking for “wimpy” donations, and create a giving environment that encourages generosity.

3. Organizational Culture: Nurturing a Positive Foundation

Key Insight: A positive organizational culture begins with day one and influences every aspect of your nonprofit.

Your nonprofit’s culture is the beating heart of your organization. It starts from day one, influencing employee onboarding, volunteer training, and board education. To cultivate a culture of engagement and giving, set clear expectations and lead by example. Your actions as a leader shape the culture that permeates your nonprofit.

4. Organizational Efficiency: Mapping the Path to Success

Key Insight: Efficiency is not accidental; it’s the result of deliberate planning and strategic use of resources.

Take the time to map a clear strategy for your nonprofit. Define your goals and outline the steps to achieve them. Document key processes within your organization to ensure consistency and smooth transitions, even during staff changes. Embrace technology and artificial intelligence to streamline repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for mission-critical activities.

5. Partnership & Community Relations: Building Alliances for Growth

Key Insight: Partnerships extend beyond other non-profits; they include large corporations, tech startups, and more.

Collaboration is at the core of nonprofit success. While partnerships with other nonprofits and funders are crucial, don’t overlook local tech startups, large corporations, restaurants, and small businesses. When done right, these collaborations can yield financial support and a dedicated volunteer base. Cultivate relationships, define expectations clearly, and work together for mutual benefit.

6. Constituent Journey: Guiding Supporters from Day 1 to 1000

Key Insight: The constituent journey must be carefully mapped, personalized, and responsive to feedback.

Understanding your constituents’ journey is paramount. From their initial interaction with your nonprofit to their thousandth, each touchpoint matters. Tailor your communication to their preferences and needs, ensuring they receive relevant and timely information. Establish a feedback loop to continuously enhance their experience, demonstrating your commitment to their engagement.


In conclusion, these six areas serve as the foundation for nonprofit success. Taking the time to reflect on each one can pave the way for transformative change in your organization. By embracing strategic planning, fostering a positive culture, optimizing fundraising, nurturing partnerships, and personalizing the constituent journey, nonprofits can create a brighter future for their communities and the causes they champion.

Our presence at the Grant Writer Meet Up Group aimed to inspire fresh perspectives and spark innovative ideas to empower nonprofits, regardless of their size. Although you may not have been in attendance, we invite you to join the conversation. Together, let’s continue our journey towards making a positive impact in our communities.

Thank you to the Grant Writer Meet Up Group. If you’d like to attend in the future, contact Nicole Hagy. 

Sarah Trescott
Co-Founder, 6Mixx

*Photo courtesy of Alison Doehring