Startup Package

Do you have a hot product and need help with just about everything so you can scale ASAP, but don’t have the staff to accomplish it. We’ve got you covered!

Our startup program sets up your company for success with all of your fundamental marketing, sales, customer success, partner and community relations, organizational culture, and operational efficiency needs.

Need a faster timeline? Accelerated programs are available for an additional fee.

Marketing Items Include:


Comprehensive Marketing Audit – includes an evaluation and recommendation plan surrounding Branding, Social, Events, Email, Website/UX, SEO/Content, & Process. As part of this evaluation, 6Mixx will meet with your team and work hand-in-hand to deliver the following items to get your marketing foundation built and maximized. 


    • Visual Brand Guide
    • Brand Voice and Messaging Guide 
    • Complete Competitor Analysis
    • Social Media Platforms Created and/or Optimized
    • Cover Photo and Profile Images Created
    • Research on Best Groups/People to Follow/Hashtags to Use
    • A Repeatable Social Media Calendar
    • 6 Social Media Post Templates 
    • Set up of Social Media Post Scheduler
    • Social Media Posting Checklist
    • Email Template & Suggested Frequency/Audience Strategy
    • Front/Back Designed Intro to Company Handout
    • Event Ideas & Suggestions
    • Blog Template
    • Blog Idea Generator Checklist
    • List of Website Recommendations Regarding Content, Graphics, UI/UX, SEO, and more.*Implementation of Recommendations and Website Setup and Design Available as Add Ons.

Add Ons

    • Weekly Social Media Post Support
    • Monthly Blog Package (Optimized for SEO)
    • Monthly Large Content Offering
    • Logo or Entire Branding Package: Including Business Card Template, Powerpoint Template, Letterhead, Logo, and Two Additional Templates of your Choosing (Email, Quote, Proposal, etc.)
    • Event Planning Services

    Sales Items Include:


    Comprehensive Sales Audit – includes evaluating and recommending Processes, Target Audience, Value Proposition, Pricing, and CRM usage. As part of this evaluation, 6Mixx will meet with your team and deliver the following items to solidify your sales process & and target audience. 


      • Target Audience & Painpoint Descriptions
      • Conduct Customer Research and Interviews
      • Develop Buyer Personas
      • Refine Differentiators 
      • Pricing Guide created
      • ICP Profile 
      • New Sales Process aligning with new ICP
      • Key Touchpoints & Conversion Stages Outlined
      • Changes Implemented within CRM 

      Add Ons

        • Create or Expand CRM System
        • Templates for each Stage of Buyer Journey  
        • Sequence Refinement or Creation 
        • Sales Enablement Materials  

        Culture Items Include

        Organizational Culture 

          Comprehensive Culture Audit – includes 6Mixx evaluation and administering an employee assessment.  As part of this evaluation, 6Mixx will meet with your team and deliver the following items to ensure you’re creating the culture of your dreams.

            • Clear Mission & Values Defined
            • Plan for Transparent & Frequent Communication 
            • Clearly Defined Expectations & Understanding of Roles
            • Put into Action “Leadership by Example”
            • Opportunities for Continuous Learning & Growth 
            • Plan for Recognition & Rewards 
            • Diversity & Inclusion Strategy
            • Team Collaboration Ideas
            • Work-Life Balance Structure
            • Employee Benefits Overview

          Add Ons

            • Designed Mission/Vision/Values Graphic.

            • Creation of Recognitions/Rewards event.

            • Creation & Kickoff of Team Building Activities.

          Operations Items Include:

          Efficient Operations 

          Comprehensive Operations Audit – includes a 6Mixx evaluation and the administration of an employee assessment to determine the most significant areas of opportunity. As part of this evaluation, 6Mixx will meet with your team and deliver the following items to ensure your company is running efficiently by enhancing communications, goals, meetings, and the use of technology. 


            • Documented & Sharable Company-Wide Strategy 
            • Documented & Sharable Department SMART Goals 
            • Employee Review Plan
            • Clear & Efficient Communication Plan
            • Standard Meeting Cadence & Agendas 
            • Cross-functional Collaboration Ideas
            • Tools & Technologies 
            • Overall Process Optimization

          Add Ons

            • Set Up and Management of Employee Reviews.

            • Creation or Enhancement of Project Management tools such as Asana/Airtable/Monday, etc

            Partner Relations Items Include:

            Partner & Community Relations 

            Comprehensive Partner & Community Relations Audit – includes a 6Mixx evaluation of any current partner programs and the administration of an employee assessment to determine current community involvement. As part of this evaluation, 6Mixx will meet with your team and deliver the following items to ensure your company’s partner program is set up for success and community relationship building is at an all-time high. 


              • Document Goals of the Partner Program 
              • Establish Partner Types & Target Markets 
              • Create & Document Value Proposition
              • Determine Structure – Referrals vs. Reseller, etc. 
              • Outline of Levels & Benefits 
              • Create Policies & Guidelines 
              • Communicate Incentives & Rewards 
              • Define the Onboarding Process 
              • Research & Create a Prospect list 
              • Documented Outreach Strategy & Communication Material  (Partner Landing Page & 1 Pager)
              • Partner Training Process
              • Partnership Agreements Outlined
              • GTM strategy for Partnerships

            Add Ons

              • Creation of additional partner documents/guides.
              • Detailed GTM partner strategy.
              • Creation of partner training/onboarding presentation & Guides.

            Customer Success Items Include:

            Customer Success

            Comprehensive Customer Success Audit – includes evaluating and outlining each stage throughout the Customer Journey. As part of this evaluation, 6Mixx will meet with your team and deliver the following items to ensure customers are onboarded, trained, appreciated, and retained. 


              • Defined Customer Goals & Objectives 
              • Solid Onboarding Process 
              • Ongoing Customer Engagement & Communication Plan
              • Customer Training & Education 
              • Support & Issue Resolution 
              • Metrics 
              • Proactive Strategy & Business Reviews 
              • Customer Feedback & Insights (includes survey) 
              • Customer Advocacy and Referrals (includes interviews) 
              • Customer Appreciation (includes suggestions for one campaign) 
              • Adjust Customer Journey and Provide Documentation  

            Add Ons

              • Customer Training Guide & Materials
              • Set up or Enhancement of Ticketing System.
              • Creation of Customer Appreciation Campaign

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            An Entire Team for Less Than One Employee


            Thats right you get the expertise of an entire team, across our six specialties, for less than the cost of one employee, and you don’t even have to pay us benefits.

            Plus, with 6Mixx, you can cover many of your consulting needs in one place. No need to deal with multiple consultants, having to explain your company over and over.

            We can tackle your problem areas whether they are in one or six of our core areas of expertise.

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