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At 6Mixx, we believe in the power of connections. Help nonprofits, small businesses, and startups thrive while earning commissions for your efforts.

Join the 6Mixx Referral Partnership Program and experience how much we value your time, energy, and commitment. As a token of appreciation, our partners earn 10% commission for each new referral.

We believe that your efforts deserve to be recognized and rewarded, so you can be confident that your participation will make a difference and bring tangible benefits to you.

How it Works

Participating in the 6Mixx Referral Partnership Program is simple and rewarding. Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up

Sign up for the program and get access to our Partner Portal. It provides the materials needed to share 6Mixx with the world. This includes overview documents, pricing, email templates, and much more. Plus, these documents are updated regularly so you always have the newest information.

2. Share

Share the information with your network, including nonprofits, small businesses, and startups looking for top-notch services.

3. Register

Register your interested clients on our Partner Portal to make sure you get credit. Though we ask clients how they’ve heard about us, registering potential clients allows us to make sure we do not have overlapping partners.

4. Earn

You earn a commission when someone from your network becomes a 6Mixx client.

5. Grow

Watch your commissions grow as you continue to refer more clients and make a positive impact on the organizations you support.

Help Nonprofits, Small Businesses, and Startups Thrive

Nonprofits and startups face numerous challenges in today’s competitive landscape. By referring them to 6Mixx, you allow them to thrive and succeed. Our services are tailored to their unique needs, providing them with the tools and expertise necessary to make a lasting impact.

Join us in shaping a better future for these organizations. Together, we can build a vibrant ecosystem that empowers nonprofits and startups to create positive change in the world.

Ready to create a lasting impact?

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