Help Where You Need It: The 6 Mix


We excel in developing strategic marketing plans and executing impactful events. From market research and branding to positioning and messaging, we ensure our clients’ target audience is engaged and their brand visibility is enhanced.

We understand the importance of efficiently allocating limited resources to create the biggest return on investment (ROI).


Our Experience initiatives encompass customer success, employee engagement, community relations, and overall company culture.

We work closely with our clients to ensure our clients’ customers, employees, and partners feel supported, valued, and engaged, increasing loyalty, advocacy, and retention.

Partner & Community Relations

Building strategic partnerships and strong community relationships is essential for startups and nonprofits.

Our team assists in identifying potential partners, developing collaboration frameworks, and fostering meaningful connections. We help our clients create partnership programs that facilitate resource-sharing, knowledge exchange, and expanded reach, enabling them to make a greater impact.

Not only that, but we focus on the two-way street that partnerships should walk, ensuring our clients can positively impact their partners programs as well.

Sales & Fundraising

Generating revenue is crucial for the sustainability and growth of startups and nonprofit organizations. Our team of experts offers comprehensive support in developing effective sales strategies, cultivating clients/donors, securing sponsorships, and executing successful sales/fundraising campaigns.

Our goals are to help our nonprofit clients secure funding and help our startup clients streamline their sales process to achieve their goals. We work closely with all of our clients to understand their financial objectives and tailor our approach to meet their specific needs.


We work closely with our clients to design and execute impactful events.

Whether you are looking for client, community engagement, or employee events, large or small, we’ve planned them all.

Strategy & Operations

Startups and nonprofits often struggle with operational efficiency due to limited resources and competing priorities.

At 6Mixx, we help pinpoint priorities, streamline processes, and increase efficiencies.

By optimizing workflows, implementing technology solutions, and providing tailored guidance, we enable our clients to focus on what matters most while achieving a quicker return on investment.

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