In honor of our upcoming anniversary, we’re sharing our #6MixxPicks for getting through the first year of business.

Network Relentlessly

Build a network of mentors, peers, and industry contacts who can offer advice, support, and potential business opportunities.

How it looks at 6Mixx: We participate in weekly and monthly networking groups, virtual networking groups, local chamber events, and always have business cards and flyers on hand.

Stay Financially Disciplined

You don’t need all the bells and whistles—start small and scale. Be mindful of the software you choose to pay for, the office space you procure, and the benefits you offer.

How it looks at 6Mixx: We utilize a lot of free software, like Asana and Hubspot, to keep costs down.

Prioritize Marketing and Branding

Invest time and resources into creating a strong brand identity and effective marketing strategies to attract and retain customers. If people don’t recognize your brand, they won’t think of you and thats critical, especially in the first year of business. 

How it looks at 6Mixx: We focus on consistent networking, regular content creation, hosting workshops, and ensuring we are always on brand.

Set Goals

Setting goals in the first year can sometimes seem unrealistic or impossible, but set them anyway. Goals keep you motivated and on track, and celebrating small wins is important. 

How it looks at 6Mixx: We set targets for the number of new clients, financial goals, and even project-specific objectives.

Manage Your Time Effectively

Figure out what works best for you. Use time management tools and techniques to prioritize tasks, avoid burnout, and ensure you’re focusing on high-impact activities.

How it looks at 6Mixx: We use Asana to track our projects and meet twice a week for work sessions. This helps us stay aligned, focus on collective priorities, hold each other accountable, and get out of the house.

Maintain Work-Life Balance

Balance the demands of your business with personal time to avoid burnout and maintain overall well-being, which is crucial for long-term success. Many entrepreneurs work 80 hours a week, but working smarter, not harder, is key.

How it looks at 6Mixx: We try to take off Fridays in the summer to spend time with our kids. A balanced life is essential from day one. A balanced momma is a successful momma.

At 6Mixx, these practices have been instrumental in our success and can guide new organizations through their first year in business. Reach out if you have any questions!